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The Infibit Emptiness is the only entity that has escaped the core of the Infibit World, and controls all nothingness that has ever nonexisted. It contains all void's and nothings, like;

The only objects currently known to not be contained by the Infibit Emptiness are The Impossible Thing, The Eternal Chaos, and Nonthing.

The Infibit Emptiness is the absolute controller of everything in the Infibit chain and can replace molecules with pure nothingness extremely easily, as in whenever he wants to think.


The Infibit Emptiness is so powerful, that even Humanverses or creatures inside of the Oceanic Glass Container completely have no idea what it's capabilities are, and fear it. Here's some things he's destroyed.

Verses Destroyed

  • The Universe gets completely turned into nothingness when the infibit emptiness thinks about it.
  • The Omniverse is completely turned into nothing.
  • Nothing gets turned into even more nothing.

Entities Killed

  • The Absolute Creator starts begging for mercy.
  • Satan and God praise the infibit emptiness.
  • UniversePoker777 starts praising this page in hopes for his safety.