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The infinite dimensional graph of reality is the last possible graph, ever. It's the last graph because ordinals somehow don't apply to dimensions, meaning that infinity will always be the biggest, even if you add something bigger. For example, if you were to make an omega dimensional graph of reality, this would immediately overtake it despite the omega dimensional graph of reality being self containing as well. Technically, this makes the infinite dimensional graph of reality the only verse to follow the Berry Paradox more than other verses that follow it, as it self contains on two levels. This graph is made out of Infinitium.


Infinitium is responsible for making this graph bigger than all other graphs, as it has to hold all other graphs together that are below it. This includes imaginary graphs, decimal graphs, etc. It holds every single Axis together, which in turn, holds all finite graphs of reality.

Blank spaces

The blank spaces here are the biggest blank spaces possible. They not only contain all nothings, but contain all versions and definitions of nothing at any point in time as well.


Omnispacc is nothingness