The Inverse is an entity that grows to the size of whatever the biggest verse is, thus meaning that it will always be the biggest entity. As of now, it is currently unknown what limits the inverse has, but it has shown few amounts of weaknesses.

Weakness 1

The first weakness it showed was when the Universe was the biggest thing, and nothing bigger existed. Aliens decided to try and shoot this being outside of the universe with black hole powered rays smaller than even gamma rays. The inverse got a tiny cut in it's leg.

Weakness 2

When the Omniverse was the biggest thing, some of the weakest Omni Gods decided to try and kill this entity (for reasons currently unknown) with an omniversal death ray, crafted from ancient Quantum Particles formed in the beginning of time and not yet being decayed (meaning that they have the toughest durability and slowest erosion rate). Once the ray hit the inverse, the bullet was significantly smaller, but still cut a tiny hole in one of their skin cells.

Weakness 3

When the Quantumverse was the biggest thing, The Heat Beast threw some Rockbeasts at it. This resulted in 2nd degree burns for the inverse and he had to sleep for 2 OA to cool himself off.

Last Recorded Weakness

The last recorded weakness of this entity was when the Universeverse was the biggest thing. An Omega Black Hole decided to try and destroy this entity, as it was more powerful than him and they didn't want that. They ended up tearing a massive chunk out of his arm, causing him to have to sleep for 192 OA to cool himself off.

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