• The Is is. Do not enter. The Is is outside of Existence, Infinity, or any area at all. It is surrounded by Pitch Black. Paul did not create it, it was there before he was. The Is defies all laws of time, space, multidimensionality and science. The All-Creator is unaware of its existence, because The Is hid itself behind a veil of darkness that us mortals call Pitch Black, which no being can cross because The Is has a quantum flux lock (a lock with an infinite amount of combinations per millisecond) protecting itself. Even the almighty Bongus cannot reach it, for Bongus and Paul are beings, and Is is a realm only for the worthy. None are worthy. The Is has the power to change everything. The Is created Life, Death and the Spirits. The Is is the limit to all time and space. The Is does not have boundaries, The Is is its boundaries, the Is has an infinite number of dimensions, so it has no boundary. Another name for Is is Imagination, The Spirit Realm, or Peace. The Is looks like an island atop a golden lake, and the island has a cherry blossom tree in it. Sitting underneath the tree is a woman with a golden staff with a yin yang symbol on the top. Her name is Selena, and she is the manifestation of The Is. She has a daughter who ventures across the universes, bringing peace and goodwill to all. Her daughters name is Venia. Venia has a staff made of pure lightning. She travels reality, trying to bring unity and peace to the gods.The Is itself is conscious and a living thing.  
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