Mega-box is even bigger than the box. It contains a infinite amount of Boxes floating around and their residents.

Due to the Megabox being so small compared to its containing entity, the Ultrabox, and having less than 100 Mandelbrotverses, many artificial structures such as planets, stars, and sometimes whole galaxies are built here.

There are only 14 Mandelbrotverses per mega-box as well, making the need for these structures even larger.

When the Frucz-Klepniw theorem was proven, the concepts of a Mega-box, and subsequently an Ultra-box, were first made. The idea was, that Mandelbrotverses would be made, however, they wouldn't be mandelbrot sets, but all other fractals.

An automated machine was constructed that would create Mega-box and Ultra-box on its own. It would automatically find formulas for the Frucz-Klepniw theorem and apply them to the creation process.

However, the Mega-boxes and Ultra-boxes have formulas behind them as well, as every single Ultra-box contians Mega-boxes with Mandelbrotverses that go by different mathematical logics. So, if a civilization, which was "raised" on different mathematical laws, is looking to find any dimensional representations of any fractal, in real life (also analyzable and can be experimented with), they can use what they are acustomed to, instead of dealing with something that is completely abnormal to them.

They most efficient way to find these Ultra-boxes is also described in a formula, albeit a longer and more complex one than that of the Fucz-Klepniw ones.

The extreme majority of civilizations choose to live on fractals one way or another, once they advance technologically enough, to realise all of the pros. Fractals are finite in size, yet infinitely detailed, so space can be conserved. They are also predictable and stable, as well as having infinite surface area.

Most civilizations depend heavily on these fractals, as they are too large themselves to live anywhere else and it is very important to be able to see which fractal would be the best for them to reside on. Thus, the Ultra-boxes and Mega-boxes and Mandelbrotverses were created.


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