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The Omni-Being is the most powerful god of them all. He can pass the Pitch Black. All bow to him. Even The All-Creator. {the only being that is higher then the omni being is The Omni King}


At a time before The All-Creator or anything else existed. He was there. Before that time. He was there. Before that time. He was there, ect. He stayed in there for beyond eternity. At that time. Not even Nothing existed. He then created five other gods to be his minions. These gods were The All-Creator Doge Bongus and Miracalis. The All-Creator being the most powerful and leading the five. They all created they're own existence. Doge created Dogeland. Bongus created Bongus's Kingdom. Miracalis created The Kingdom Of Miracalis. And The All-Creator created the existence that we live in. The Omni-Being sent them to do his bidding. But they weren't just doing this because the have to. They wanted to help him. And would do anything to please him. The Omni-Being realized this, and thought that he was not treating them nicely. So, instead of treating them as minions. He treated them as true friends. Even so. The five gods will still obey him. Of course. After that. The five gods started to create less powerful gods. These gods would also create more existences and create more gods. These gods would create smaller existences then create more gods. The cycle would go on and on. It will never end.


Multiple different gods were born. All creating they're own existence. This cycle still goes on today. And for eternity. But something happened. A loss of a great friend. Miracalis started to get jealous of the other gods. And thought that he deserved more power. He wanted to be respected more. He progressively wanted more power. Slowly getting more and more agressive. Then he wanted all of the existences. The other four gods noticed his strange behavior. Miracalis secretly tried to take over the other existences. It shortly after the gods discovered Miracalis's plan. The gods were disgusted in him. And The Omni-Being banished Miracalis. Afterwards. Miracalis returned, this time driven by fury and vengeance. He started attacking the other gods and attempting to destroy they're existence's. He destroyed half of The All-Creator's existence. The Omni-Being didn't want to. But there was no choice. He banished him to a much more gruesome place. A place called The Void Prison. Where he would stay for all of eternity. But from this day fourth, Miracalis still tries to escape The Void Prison

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