The Outside is the surrounding nothingness outside of the Omniverse and the Godverses.

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The Outside is a void that stretches far into oblivion. Almost no being can survive being in the Outside for more than a short time due to the pressure of the literal absence of anything. If you were to travel throughout the outside, you could perhaps find something completely different than what we call existence. This is simply referred to as Beyond. This has only been done successfully one time by The Omniversal Traveler.

Effects of Existence Edit

If an object has exited the Omniverse, then the object will be vaporized except using Paradoxite items

If an object has Paradoxite or Paradoxium (element-1048576), then the object no longer vaporized

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Outsidiantia Edit

The civilization has left rogue for more than 1000 years

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