He/She sleeps here, somewhere, deep within their own construct. He/She is tired, let them rest.

The Source is the Construct that creates and edits Laws through it's programming known as The Higher Laws of All-Reality. This machine so to speak can only be controlled by the all creator levels of power or higher

Essentially this is the master computer of the dimensional worlds. Everything everyone has ever known is being control by this unit and the only one who has Access to it has spent the entire negative time working until Time Zero when in just one Plank Second He/She finally collapsed from exhaustion leaving the device on auto-pilot. There is no telling what the original purpose of The Source was, but most agree that it seems to be doing at least the idea of what it's job implied.

The beings on the inside are representations (if not the real deal) of the Laws such as the Law of Dimensional Cycle and Law of Dimensional Erasure.

1. people on The Philosopher Levels or higher can use it ONLY.

2. There is no known way to deactivate it.

3. There is no known way to power it on in case it turned off.

4. There is no known way to damage it.

5. The only beings who can Read-Only it are those on a bongus tier level and higher.

There is one last stage left, that is The Philosopher Himself/Herself. They dream this world up for us, what will happen if you wake them up? The rest is in your hands...

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