The End is a strange verse. It's appearance makes it look like a black hole, but this couldn't be farther from the case; The End is pretty much just a dark white hole but on an omega scale, and is the probably ONLY entity that can destroy the Omega Black Holes, as if they both came into contact with each other it the blackhole would destroy it by sucking it in


The location of the end doesn't really make sense, but it's located in a parallel Universeverse. (The ommivereverse) This technically means that there are multiple Universeverses, and that The End is a way to spit you out to another Universeverse. Of course, you'd be smaller than a protoverse at that point, but if Humanverses ever figure out a way to not be crushed, they could travel to parallel Universeverses. but its found in fortnite :|

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