The global contains infinite numbers of snowglobes. It is one of the largest verses known, and it has 3 sections: the hot section, the cold section, and the mild tempurature section.



The images' orange side shows the hot section. The hot section is infinite celsius at the edge of the global, and fades to 65° celsius as you get closer to the centre. Not many snowglobes are found here.

Mild Temperature

this side is the centre, where it is about 25° celsius in the centre. You can find a moderate amount of snowglobes here.

Cold Temperature

At the images' blue area, it fades from negative infinite degrees celsius at the edge of the global to 35° as you near the centre. A ton of snowglobes are located here.

The Bee

There is a large bee ruling over the global. Not much is known about this transcendent bee other than that it is absurdly powerful and can create snowglobes by pollinating other snowglobes. How this actually is possible is unknown.

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