The Toesverse is a very smelly and stinky verse that tennis shoes, boots, socks, and feet coverings don't exist! The smelly people only wear sandals.

How Toesverses are formed Edit

Toesverses are formed when two to ten Shitverses collide, making this type of toesverses. Fans of socks wouldn't want to go there!

Where to find Toesverses Edit

In order to find Toesverses, you have to exit our Megaverse. Another Megaverse, called the Speciesverse, has the hyperverse Animalverse containing the metaverse Humanverse which contains the multiverse Bodyverse, then visit the Toesverses!

What about the Shitverses? Edit

The Bodyverse also contains Shitverses, they collide and form these types of verses.

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