Transcendentem, is the essential barrier encompassing an immeasurable number of variations and parallels of unimaginably massive bubbles; containing alternate instances of Beyond which keep each other from coming into contact. The Beyond Bubbles are so heavy, they are actually infinite mass!

If two beyond bubbles merged with each other, it could lead to catastrophes, such as two creators and two destroyers, which would cause unfathomable amounts of chaos.

There is an entity, stronger than everything in every beyond-iteration in Transcendentem, but weaker than an aspect lord, named The Guardian Of The 5th Wall, and she only cares about doing her job.

The Omniversal Traveler has heard of rumors of the space beyond the Omniverse just being bubbles within a greater space, like a Universe to a Multiverse, and was motivated to keep exploring, however, the traveler lacks the abilities and the equipment to survive in just Beyond for a short time, let alone an area with an infinite number of iterations of the space beyond the omniverse. However, it is also highly unlikely that The Supergod Council, some sympathizing, that any of them, even the sympathetic ones, would allow the traveler to go beyond their own reach, as even the council is unaware about a space beyond their dimension. The fact that going beyond the council's own reach means that Hellensoerensen wouldn't be able to affect the traveler if he exited beyond, which really says something, and represents The Guardian Of The 5th Wall's power as well as showing the full-scale size of Transcendentem.

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