Beyond Universe Wiki

The Trumpverse is the smallest universe in the Metaverse and it is located in our Multiverse. However, in the whole Xenoverse, there are three smaller verses. It is only 50 meters long. What is a Trumpverse? A Trumpverse is a Universe that has different physics and mathematics. This how our Universe would have been described if Donald Trump was Albert Einstein. In a Trumpverse, it is possible to change the number of dimensions in the Trumpverse, and the physics. These will be grouped into different sets of Trumpverses:

Tell me in the comments: Was Trump born a physicist? Wait, no one is born a physicist.

Sets of Trumpverses

  • 0D Trumpverse (0 dimensional)
  • |x| dimensional Trumpverse (positive number)
  • x| dimensional Trumpverse (negative number)
  • Non-pyhsical Trumpverse (There is no physic rules)
  • Non-mathematical Trumpverse (There is no values)
  • Trumpogical Trumpverse (1 is actually not 1)
  • Trumpogical Trumpverse 2 (sqrt(-1) is actually 1)
  • Perfect Trumpverse (the worst one)
  • Corrupted Trumpverse (Breaking its physic rules)
  • Retrogressive Trumpverse (Timeline is backwards)
  • Non-Trumpversal Trumpverse (Trumpverse is not a Trumpverse)
  • Quantulum Quintoxity Trumpverse (Very large scaled Trumpverses that has quantum physics)