A Type 0.0 Minimal Civilisation is the smallest unit that can be called a civilisation. Exponentially extrapolating Kardashev's original scale puts this at 106 watts, which is the approximate power consumption of 10,000 people; Toby Ord's scale puts this at 108 watts.


Type 0.0 Civilisations are bound to their planets, and at that to local regions of their planet; typically, they only move around on foot, or riding or being carried by domestic animals, or by constructing simple boats. Later Type 0.0 Civilisations can develop artificial means of moving around, like cars, boats and planes, though can only travel through space at great expense.聽


Type 0.0 Civilisations are only able to build structures on their own planet; they live in ground-based cities, powered initially only by the muscle power of members of the civilisation and domesticated animals and later by wood, coal, nuclear power, ground-based solar power, and fusion.


Eventually, a Type 0.0 civilisation can develop spaceflight, and eventually construct enough orbital and extraplanetary infrastructure such that they advance to a Type 1.0 Civilisation that controls all of the resources of its home planet. However, the single-planetary phase of a civilisation is one of the most dangerous - in their development, they can face risks from nuclear war, artificial plagues, or rogue AI, each of which could entirely wipe them out (though rogue AI can go on to create its own civilisation).

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