A Type 1.0 Civilization is one that controls the resources or available solar energy of an entire planet,
usually聽estimated to be around 1016 watts, plus or minus one or two orders of magnitude. Humanity is fairly close to becoming a Type 1.0 civilization at our current rate of development (some estimates say at least聽250 years), but right now, using Sagan's logarithmic scale, we are somewhere around a Type 0.73聽卤 0.01 Civilization.


To unite across an entire planet, it falls to reason that a Type 1.0 civilization would have to possess some means of rapid transportation between continents, like airplanes or short-range spacecraft. While missions to other planets may be practical to a Type 1.0, they still rely or not on propulsion technology like liquid rocket fuel or plasma. However, their fastest devices would be travelling relativistic light speed.


Megastructures as they are usually designed are beyond the scope of a civilization of this type. However, they are likely capable of engineering feats such as the arcology, a self-contained city within one building; or a space elevator, a long strand of carbon nanotubes or similar materials that reach up to geostationary orbit. Very skilled Type 1s (closer to type 1.5, 1.7, etc) may also find uses for building artificial rings around their planet, perhaps to construct spacecraft or simply have additional living space. And it may have a聽virtual reality that humans may have able their desires like a lucid dream, medicine would be rendered almost useless due to humans聽being robotic and Enhanced-Nano Bots That Can Manipulate D.N.A And Other Genetics That Can Cure Any Diseases Also The Average Human Lifespan Would Be Around 300+ Years, Humans Can Manipulate Weather Systems On Earth Even On Mars, And Mars And Venus Is Now Being Habitable Due To Colonization. Power Plants Would Be Extremely-Enhanced Fusion Power Plants, Artificial Intelligence Would Surpass Humanity's Intelligence So much That Super Artificial Intelligence Is Being Invented Or No, Humans Could Have A Device That 3D-Printer That Fabricates Materials/Food.

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The immense scale of interstellar space might be what keeps civilizations from developing past Type 1.0. Even at the speed of light, traveling between stars to harvest material for a Dyson sphere would take years or decades, and would be difficult to overcome. Due To Extinction Like Supervolcanoes,Mega Tsunami And Earthquakes Or Perhaps Even An Alien Invasion. Because Of The Great Filter

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Military Would Be So Advanced That A Single Missile Could Travel Alone Could Travel 700,000 Mph (1120000 Km/H) And Having A Massive Explosion Equivalent To The 200 Kilotons Of T.N.T,Guns Would Have 5 Cm Armor-Piercing Laser Bullet Made By A Large Concentration Of Electromagnetic CO2 Lasers,We Will Have Flying Ships That Can Travel Insanely Fast About 200,000 Mph (320,000 Km/H) Made With Materials That Are A Thousand Times Harder Than Steel Let's say About (20,000x Than Steel) Of Course Our Most Powerful Bombs In This Era Would Be An Antimatter Bomb Equivalent To A Devastating 100 Teratons Of TNT That Is Equal To The Asteroid That Killed Of Dinosaurs. Also The Next Era Tanks Would Be Insanely Fast And Tough It Would Be Fast As 1,300 Mph (2,100 Kp/H) And Can Withstand 5,000,000,000 (5 Billion) Pascals Of Pressure Or About 730,000 Pounds Per Square Inch Because Technology Is Accelerating Really Fast (For Now)

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