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Type 10 Civilization is one that has an energy consumption of 10106 watts and it can control the entire Megaverse. They would be incredibly powerful. A Type 10 is formed when the creators of a megaversal simulation are overthrown by a Type 9 civilization using simularegulators.


They will have mastered relativistic time dilation to several trillion years.  It can merge and move around every universe, multiverse, megaverse, omniverse, dimension, multidimension, megadimension and omnidimension and have colonized every galaxy, star and planet of it. Seamless teleportation will soon become a reality. Triacontatechnology allows for the manipulation of nigh-negative verses and Enneicosatechnology allows for the seamless combination of two or more omniversal Higgs Fields, creating new laws of physics and quantum laws, allowing for time travel before the Big Bang of a -verse. Refined forms of this technology allow specific types of matter to be created from absolutely nothing. New weapons can delete anything by manipulating the local Higgs Field around the target and then immediately collapsing the false vacuum, deleting the matter from reality forever. Since by this point, personal interfacing with single metaverses is an old technology, the IQ of a single simulated entity can reach into the vigintillions, becoming so intelligent that a single entity can store the entire code of an omniverse in their memory.

An advanced Type 10 civilization will start to develop Docosatechnology, which allows a civilization to breach the Landauer Limit, allowing for e10treme duration computing and computational hyperefficiency from the metaversal to universal levels. This technology is largely eldritch, requiring a gargantuan amount of e10perience with time dilation to facilitate, and will become more refined with time, reaching its peak at Type Omega.


Interfaces within the coding of Type 10 civilians allow them to use the computational power of entire Hyperverses to appear anywhere they want by thinking, provided that there are simularegulators present. The concept of logistics is made obsolete with the ability to make matter out of empty void. Reaching this point makes a civilization a trans-scarcity civilization, where scarcity itself as a concept is obsolete.


Civilization Description Years to take 10.0 The absolute civilization. Enneicosatechonology is bursting at the seams after being proven to be practical. Contact with Type 11.0 Civilization. 10^200
10.1 Type-4 or 5 outposts on the ne10t-door megaverse are rapidly growing. Triacontatechnology is becoming practical. Able to time travel to before the big bang. 10^230
10.2 Able To Create Shrink And Grow Rays using advanced Enneicosatechnology. Type 9 outposts on the ne10t-door megaverse. 10^303 (Centillion)
10.3 Entities arrive on 3rd megaverse. The ne10t door megaverse is fully colonized. Contact with Type-10 entities is underway. Able to create hyperverses. Universal intellectual barrier has been reached. 10^500
10.4 5 megaverses colonized. Able to create guns (or another unspecified eldritch/incomprehensable weapon type) that delete anything. 10^666
10.5 50 megaverses colonized, or a small portion of the local Gigaverse. Type-0 outpots on the ne10t gigaverse. Able to create objects out of thin air. 10^100000
10.6 100 megaverses colonized. Type-2 outposts on the ne10t megaverse. A catalog of all known metaverses. 10^^10
10.7 Contact with Type-10 civilizations is succesful. Docosatechnology becomes practical. 10^^^^10
10.8 The catalog is finished. 1000 megaverses colonized. Type 9 outposts on the ne10t door gigaverse. Computational prototypes inserted into universes going through heat death to test the new Docosatechnology.
10.9 Contact with Type-13 entities is imminent. Some of the Gigaverse is colonized.
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