A Type 2.0 Civilization is one that controls the entire power output and resources of a main-sequence star,


usually estimated or rounded to about 1026 watts. The most common way of doing this is to build a Dyson sphere聽or variants like a Dyson Swarm or Dyson Bubble which simply involve giant swarms of satellites or statites. It will take at least 1,000 years to reach this civilization.

Transportation Edit

Acquiring resources to build a stellar energy-capturing mechanism requires collecting them from other star systems, so relativistic-speed travel is imperative for any developing Type 2.0. Interplanetary spaceflight may be routine for a civilization of this scale as well.聽

Engineering Edit

While Dyson Spheres essentially define the Type 2.0, they are still capable of building more modest megastructures like ringworlds or potentially an Alderson disk (for the more advanced civilizations like Type 2.5 or 2.8, etc.). Additionally, they may find it easy to build planetary rings, megacities, arcologies, and countless other planetary-scale or smaller objects.

Evolution Edit

By using von Neumann probes, a Type 2.0 civilization looking to expand could mine and colonize the rest of its galaxy within a few hundred thousand to a few million years without FTL travel, and thus open up the possibility of becoming a Type 3.0 Civilization. However, if such a civilization does not want to disturb its galaxy more than it already has, it may end up stagnating.

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