A Type 4.0 Civilization is one that can control the resources of an entire universe. The exact amount of


energy consumption this requires is uncertain; however, extrapolating Carl Sagan's values gives an approximate power use of 1046 watts. Most estimates of the universe's power fall within a few orders of magnitude of this number. It can take 100,000,000,000 years to reach this civilization, so possibly they may have discovered speed-of-light kilometer rockets to go to a habitable planet like聽Proxima b.


Type 4.0 Civilizations can transport massive objects at incredible speeds, capable of accelerating entire galaxies to significant fractions of the speed of light and effortlessly moving stars and planets.[1] They may also be capable of traveling to other nearby universes in their local multiverse.


Type 4.0 Civilizations would be able to construct huge habitats on the scale of hundreds or thousands of light years, such as Megadisks and Megaspheres[2]. These structures would have the mass of several galaxies.


A Type 4.0 Civilization is very durable, with lifespans measurable in the trillions of years even if efforts to lengthen the lifespan by creating artificial stars is not taken. Without developing interuniversal travel, it will eventually fall during the heat death of its home universe; if interuniversal travel (or other methods of lengthening the lifespan of a universe, such as time travel or perpetual motion) is developed, it can evolve into a Type 5.0 Civilization.

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