A Type 5.0 Civilization is a hypothetically-ranked civilization on the Kardashev scale which has an energy

Parallel Universe

consumption of 1056 watts (by Carl Sagan's system) or can otherwise use energy from some vast number of universes. In some Kardashev Scale variants, a Type 5.0 is merely called "godlike" and is not defined at all, because it would be impossible for humans to imagine what one would actually be like. It could take 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 years to reach this rating!

Transportation Edit

To obtain more energy than exists in our observable universe, a Type 5.0 civilization would need to be able to either access other universes or collect energy from multiple points in a single universe's timeline.聽(For example, removing one Planck Time from the universe's endpoint at a time, and harvesting all of the available energy from each iteration: this can be achieved much quicker by careful omnion use.) This implies either multiversal travel (and likely faster-than-light travel, though this may be impossible due to causality violations) or, much less likely, time travel.

In Aarex's cosmology, people can travel each universe to control more energy.

Engineering Edit

Megastructure-building would be trivial to a Type 5.0. Megadisks would likely be constructible without even a noticeable portion of the civilization's resources. However, at this scale it is unlikely (or just uncommon) that such a civilization would need physical living space, instead possibly existing in computer memory or as nonphysical beings.

Evolution Edit

In Aarex's cosmology, if they controls different multiverses, they will led to Type 6.0 Civilization.

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