A Type Ultimate Civilization can control the furthest barriers, even being beyond Pitch Black. It can control anything, and everything. The reason it doesn't have a definite kardashev value is because it is WAY WAY WAY WAY beyond such little, insignificant things. A Type Ultimate civilization is beyond the highest gods. It is omnipotent. Truly omnipotent. A Type Ultimate Civilization's power is even beyond even the likes of Bongus, Doge, and other omnipotent entities.


Words are insufficient to describe even the structures that this type of civilization can build. It can build structures beyond infinite layers of nested infinities. It can build structures that can do anything. A Type Ultimate civilization can build buildings can be anything. No omnipotent entity can even comprehend the true nature of what a Type Ultimate Civilization can build.

Area of influence and size of controlled space

A Type Ultimate Civilization can control EVERYTHING, no matter how big or powerful it is. It can control infinite times more space than Pitch Black.

Kardashev Scale
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