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Not to be confused with Observable Universe.

The universe is a verse system that consists of direct mappings from strongly enforced laws to physical objects. The universe contains all of space, time and everything. It can be described as a bubble of space with a defined beginning point (typically a Big Bang) and a set of physical laws, which may or may not line up with the ones humanity observes. The only thing aside from a vecoverse that can be before the Universe is the Law of Dimensional Cycle. These Ever-Expanding Universes are mostlly different from our own observable one. As these universes are infinite. Especially in Dimensionality and Size.

That is, a Universe's laws cannot be changed without directly modifying them, or via the laws of a Multiverse.

Universes can be described as an independent segment of possibility; a bubble of an infinite spacetime with a defined beginning point (typically a Big Bang).

In the context of this wiki, a scientific process such as the Big Bang which was triggered by a Protoverse, created our Universe.

Other Information

Travel between universes is possible for extremely advanced civilizations through the use of wormholes, dark energy, time maneuvering, other space-warping mechanisms, or rarely, portals. Additionally, beings like God can traverse through universes easily. Most universes, especially ours, shall eventually "die" as the second law of thermodynamics ensures that energy becomes less and less usable over time. This may not always be the case with alternate physical laws, however.


A typical universe starts in a big bang with quantum foam at Planck Temperature, to create space-time. Eventually, this comes together in large numbers to form gluons. These gluons can eventually form into quarks, which create protons and neutrons. Protons come together, sometimes with neutrons, to form atoms, the basic building blocks of all material. These atomic nuclei also form electrons around them to propel against protons. This forms an atom, the basic building block of all material. The first atom is hydrogen, but then helium atoms form. And soon, so do lithium, boron, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sodium, and many more! These start forming meteors, then asteroids, and planets. Eventually, some planets grow large, becoming a star. Nearby planets get pulled into orbit, creating a planetary system. This eventually forms star clusters, which form galaxies. These form galaxy clusters, which form superclusters. these form huge cosmic webs, covering about five percent of the observable part of the new universe.


A civilization that controls all of the resources available in an entire Universe is called a Type 4.0 Civilization.

These universes has a border. Who has enough Power to pass through an unquantifable distance between different Infinite Universes?

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