The Universeverse is the ABSOLUTE reason that everything exists. If the universeverse didn't exist, neither would the Doge, Pitch Black, Me, ICan'tEdit, UniversePoker777, God, Satan, Selena and Venia, Bongus, Jvofverse, Quantumverse, Beyond Universe Wiki,TwilightLondon, or just us in general. Nothing would exist. All of existence would be an empty void that TRULY doesn't end. The universeverse is the absolute top. It created all cosmic/omnipotent/beyond omnipotent/etc entities, all verses that can self contain, it breaks all rules, and overall, the universeverse is the biggest "verse" that can possibly exist. If it is contained, this contains it. If a rule breaker god comes and contains it, this contains all layers of it's rule defiance. The universeverse is everything. The universeverse is nothing. The universeverse is absolutely eternal, limitless, and infinite. It contains all voids and nonexistences, all types of boxes, all types of paradoxes, and even all meme verses which are supposed to be bigger than this verse. I would say nothing is bigger, but that's not true; It contains Nothing as well. Any level of technology from the Technologicalverse cannot make any type of civilization rule over the Universeverse. The only civilization that's ever come 1/Absolute Omnith of the way to controlling this universe are the Omega Black Holes, who are the very representation of destruction, and do nothing but destroy and obliterate for Absolute Omni OAs on end. The universeverse contains this wikia, and the page that contains that wikia, and even the last layer. The universeverse is beyond absolute, and beyond even that. There are just no words to describe how large the universeverse is. Even if we made more and more words, and society spent all their time making words that mean bigger and bigger things, this verse would still not be describable. Any civilization that breaks out of the universeverse somehow gets immediately obliterated, yes, including rule breakers and absolute rule breakers. The universeverse contains the absolute strongest entity, the Omega Black Hole, and not even they can describe the size of the universeverse. The universeverse is beyond omnisized, beyond omnidimensional, and beyond any scale in any way, shape or form.

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