By the end of 2021. Beyond-Universe, All-Dimensions and other wikis create a new Farm: UniverseFanon. It will be hosted elsewhere from Fandom. The skin I will choose is Chameleon and others. We will be the same users. We keep the same rules. By the 3rd anniversary of the Beyond-Universe wiki (March 2021). It will be in beta. First of all in a few days I am setting up the future site (Alpha). You can help me if necessary, it is important because to better evolve and to be comfortable. More things than Fandom.

Which skin will I choose

Chameleon 0 Votes

Vector 0 Votes

Monobook (Older version of Vector) 1 Votes

Other 0 Votes

It will be in the comments. You have until January 23, 2021.


The new farm is created on January 30.

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