Virtual deletion logs are used by the Virtual Government in order to log who deleted someone and who was deleted. Here are some of the most important logs;

The start of the deaths

Day 41 of pocket universal existence: One of the virtual government leaders, Quorzhin Maryn, was deleted from the code. They tried to bring back his code, but unfortunately, it wasn't possible. The person who deleted him is still unknown somehow, as the person who killed them somehow expunged their name from the deletion log.

The deaths continue.

On day 43, 0.001% of the virtual government leaders (over 91,283 of them) were completely deleted from the code and sadly not able to be brought back. It was likely caused by the same person, as their name was yet again expunged. An investigation has been run by the head of intelligence, Shorz. He has been able to decode 11.243% of the code as of now, and we have confirmed that his name starts with "ax".


Every day after that, exactly one thousand virtual government leaders were destroyed by the same person (able to tell due to their name being expunged). Until eventually, on day 22,239, their name was 99.23% leaked, and they confirmed that it was Axry Morgzhin that caused this anarchy. He was sentenced to an eternity in the real world instead of immediate deletion, as his body slowly faded away and aged in pure agony for an eternity. However, on day 22240, another entity who's name is expunged deleted another thousand virtual government leaders. As of now, it is only 0.002% decoded, but even after that, the script was automatically re-encoded.

The Uprising.

On day 22821, they finally got 1% of his name decoded, but it was automatically re-encoded, unfortunately. However, their exact Virtual Position was recently leaked, and he was sent into space, but not until they asked who was causing this. His name is still unknown to this day, but he gave away that he was part of an anti-virtual governmental uprising named The AVGU Gang, who all have somehow hacked the code they live in and gave themselves special deletion buttons that not even the head virtual government leaders have access to.

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