Vitalik is an evil entity locked inside the ???. Once upon a time, Vitalik tried to destroy Existence, but Creator have noticed this, separated Vitalik's power into 6 crystals and locked Vitalik's empty body inside the UltiLock.

The Saying Edit

"Once upon a time, God have created entire existence, and it's limitless clouds. But if there is light, there is also darkness. Vitalik... The Deathbringer. He tried to destroy existence, but God have stopped him, by separating his power into 6 beings...

Soul of Fear, traveling in Bloodshadow

Soul of Skies, traveling beyond Field Clouds

Soul of Vision, observing Existence

Soul of Depth, destroying the rocks in Immodum

Soul of Life, caring about Earth, under the pseudonym "Nature"

Soul of Death, chasing entities, close to their death

When someone is able to defeat all 6 souls, they can release the Vitalik"

Phases Edit

Once summoned, Vitalik enters 1st phase, and tries to elliminate the summoner, to gain freedom from him. If he fails, he goes to the next phase. If he fails at final phase, it separates to 6 souls and body again.

Phase 1: The Damaged Vitalik Edit

This is Vitalik fight's first stage. Here he looks like a regular human, but with 6 spheres orbiting him. Those spheres are allowing him to use soul's powers. He may cast some spells using them. Most of the fight try to not get close, and use ranged attacks, aimed at spheres. Once Vitalik's spheres are getting destroyed, he goes to Phase 2

Phase 2: The Vitalik's Eyes Edit

Here Vitalik uses the Eyes of Sorrow. Do not dare looking in them, unless, you want yourself to be controlled by Vitalik. Damage him with ranged attacks as always, attacks have to be aimed to the eyes. When you hit both eyes, Vitalik releases his almost true form.

Phase 3: Penultimate Vitalik Edit

Pre-final form. Here, Vitalik is a huge entity, using all the powers of 6 souls. To defeat him, you have to hit him as many times as possible.

Phase 4: The True Power of Vitalik Edit

Final form. A huge illuminati-looking eye, shooting more things than touhou bosses.

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