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The Xenoverse is a 2nd Layer Transfinite virtual-reality space that is the set of Transfinite metaverses. When data is lost on The Internet or The Metaverse, it ends up in The Xenoverse. Multiple different variations played out in front of you like it's a Time Chasm or Super Huge Complicated Timelines.

Xenoverses often go past the 2nd Layer of Transfinite space because it's Virtual Reality. It really has no limits but it never thought itself like that. It could be the biggest and the smallest verse at the same time.

and also just look at the xenoverse, its soooooooooo deep


  • Xenoverse is also a term which means "Alien" or "Foreign" [1] which can be dubbed "Alien Universe" and or "Foreign Universe" as these is when cyberspace holds untold data/locations.
  • Xenoverse just like Hyperverse are terms derived from Metaverse which all 3 have to do with cyberspace. See Balloons and all of those is in the xenoverse.
  • When you delete your data it ends up here.
  • A civilization that controls all of the resources available in an entire Xenoverse is called a Type 8.0 Civilization.

Types of Xenoverse

  • NegXenoverse: A Xenoverse with dimensionality 3. (5 - 2) Typically old and small, as all forces only have to pull in a 3D space and have room to bend spacetime.
  • PosXenoverse: A Xenoverse with dimensionality 7. (5 + 2) Typically young and large, as all forces have to spread their power over a 7D space, but they still have room to bend spacetime, so they are still there.
  • NeuXenoverse: A Xenoverse is in a metastate where it's dimensionality is both 3 and 7. The rarest of the Charge Types, they have the forces to stay compact but it's metastate is unstable, so they are normally young.
  • ReXenoverse: All data in this Xenoverse is restored, making the Xenoverse interactable without the person who is interacting having to be deleted.
  • Yenoverse: When something is deleted in the Xenoverse. 16% Of Xenoverses.
  • Zenoverse: When something is deleted in the Yenoverse. 4% Of Xenoverses.
  • Zenoverse^#: When something is deleted in the Zenoverse^#-1 1% Of Xenoverses.
  • Hypoverse: A Xenoverse with xenoverses, but isn't a Hyperverse as it has no archverses. (Also known as The Pure)
  • Arenoverse: A Xenoverse with archverses, but isn't a Hyperverse as it has no xenoverses. (Also known as The Corrupt)


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